The Purpose of the Climb

Back in my younger days, I was able to do more walking, hiking, and climbing. I came across these rock steps on a hike up Vernal Falls in Yosemite.

These steps immediately brought to mind the Tolkien books with Frodo and Sam ascending the steps into Mordor. What struck me was that Sam and Frodo knew they were heading into the most dangerous place in the world. Not only that, they worked incredibly hard to reach the most dangerous place in the world. They did so because they had a purpose that was all important to them. I walked these steps thinking about Sam and Frodo and asking myself how willing I was to work hard at accomplishing my purposes in life. How often do I let myself be distracted by simplicity, ease, and comfort? Too often, I think. Remembering these steps helps me remember the importance of fulfilling my purpose in life. It also reminds me that I’m getting older because I could never climb very far up those steps today.