Keep Walking

Whatever spiritual journey we may be on, we need to keep walking. It’s okay to stop and rest for awhile. It’s necessary at times. Stops along the way are often pleasant diversions. Eventually, though, we need to start walking again. Sometimes it’s easy. You can see the road far ahead. The way isn’t steep and the walk is a pleasant one. There’s room for others to join you. Progress can be made with only mild effort and exertion.

But it’s not always like that. Sometimes it’s hard. You can’t see far ahead and you don’t know if the path is still going to be there when you go around the corner. The path may be steep and difficult. There’s no room for anyone to walk beside you, although you know they’re close behind you or just ahead. Progress is slow and almost painful. The temptation to stop and turn around haunts you. Whatever the path you may be on today, keep walking. The final destination awaits. And sometimes the journey itself is the destination.