Difficult Reminders

2015-04-21 10.01.55

The Oklahoma City memorial. These kinds of places are difficult to visit. For me, they are a reminder of things I prefer to ignore, a splash of reality in the face. Evil exists in the world. Innocent people suffer and die. The world is not what I want it to be (growing up, I always thought it would be). When shocked into awareness by reality, I’m grateful that there is a solution to man’s inhumanity to man, a solution to my own (and often frequent) unjust and sinful behavior. I don’t believe that human beings can fix themselves. Seems like 10,000 years (or 200,000, depending who you ask) of humanity’s bad behavior (to put it mildly) is evidence enough of our helplessness. Being remade from the inside, and regenerated by God’s Holy Spirit, seems to me a better option for the improvement of human beings.