Unanswered Questions

There’s always so much talk about the last days, and when Jesus is coming again to establish his kingdom. We Christians can become overly obsessed with the issue. I find it interesting that Jesus addressed this topic in the very last words he spoke to the disciples. The disciples asked him point blank (see Acts 1) “will you at this time restore the kingdom to Israel?” and Jesus said “it is not for you to know.”

To paraphrase, Jesus told the disciples it was none of their business! Not only did he tell them it was none of their business when these future events were going to happen, he told them to go out (after receiving the Holy Spirit) and be witnesses to the whole world. That ‘Great Commission’ thing. And then he left, dramatically ascending into heaven.

The future is none of your business. Get busy with spreading the gospel. Goodbye.


I take from that, on a personal level, that I should quit focusing on the future (which is none of my business) and keep busy right now by doing the things that God wants me to do (which is most definitely my business).


There are a few other places in the Bible where God tells people certain things are none of their business. Maybe we should pay a little less attention to those things and a lot more attention to the things he tells us are important.