Deserted Roads


Saguaro National Park. Famous cacti, if cacti can be described as famous. You can drive pretty much any kind of vehicle through this forest of Saguaros. It looks and feels like you are wandering in a great wilderness, that if you were to run out of gas no one would ever see you again. In reality, you could walk a few miles south, and you would be standing on a major highway, minutes away from the fast food restaurant or gas station of your choice. It is not unlike our personal lives, or our spiritual lives. It feels like we are alone, with no hope of escaping the barren wilderness we find ourselves in. But with a little bit of effort, we can put ourselves in a place where there is help to be found, refreshment and energy for the next steps of the journey. That’s what I often need. Refreshment and energy. I just need to go find it and not wait for it to come to me.