Ice Sight


Alaska. Glaciers. Frozen rivers that actually move. Cold. I’ve read of people described as being ‘glacial.’ I’ve never actually met anyone that I would describe that way. Maybe that one person in high school. You know who you are. But I digress. Which is what I always do in these posts. I should change the name from Traveling Thoughts to Traveling Digressions. What was the point? Glaciers. In watching them with the naked eye (as opposed to the clothed eye), it is difficult to believe these massive ice rivers flow. But sit long enough and you see some ice calving and falling off as the river pushes forward. Many things in life are like these glaciers. They appear to be one thing until you sit and observe them (or meditate on them) for extended periods of time. Then you start to see the depth behind them, the slow movements, the complex processes. You have deeper insight into life. But it takes time. You can’t take short cuts with an ice cube.