Your Own Backyard

During the second visit to the house we were eventually going to buy, I started wandering to the furthest ends of the jungle-like yard. Hearing the sound of water ahead of me, I pushed through some thick foliage and came upon something unexpected. Wooden stairs that descended toward the water. Stepping carefully on the wet, mossy steps, I made my way down to a landing overlooking a part of the creek.


And what did I see when I looked up and down the creek? A small waterfall! I had a nice place to put a bench where a person could sit down and just have some nice solitude.

I don’t have to go to the Everglades, or Costa Rica, or Zimbabe. I have a nice little jungle retreat right in my own backyard. And so does anyone else who comes to visit me! It’s surprising what you can find close by if you just venture out to the edges of your comfort zone.